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Top 3 Questions IRA Holders Have About Property Taxes

The Entrust Group

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Every year, self-directed IRA holders who invest in assets like real estate or commercial properties have to keep up with expenses like property taxes. One thing IRA holders need to keep in mind is that all expenses related to property owned by your self-directed IRA (maintenance, utility bills, upgrades, property taxes, etc.) must be paid from your IRA diligently and on time. To make this process understandable to asset owners, we compiled the top 3 questions IRA holders have about property taxes:

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Tales From The Crypt: Self-Directed IRA Horror Stories

The Entrust Group

Estimated reading time: 3 minutes 15 seconds

With Halloween 2016 around the corner, we want to take this opportunity to open up Entrust's locked-away crypt of horror stories! These are not just any ordinary horror stories, but self-directed IRA stories that may have the ability to keep any IRA investor up at night with the sweats. Continue reading if you dare...

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You Asked, We Answered: How to Use Your IRA to Buy Your Future Retirement Home

The Entrust Group

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For our October national webinar, we discussed the how to use your IRA to buy your future retirement home. During our webinars, we hold a quick Q&A at the end of each session to answer the questions of our webinar attendees. Continue reading to see what questions investors had regarding IRAs and purchasing a future retirement home:

Topics: Real Estate, Alternative IRA Investments, Investor Due Diligence
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5 Tips for Property Managers Working With Self-Directed IRAs

The Entrust Group

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Having real estate in a self-directed IRA has many benefits, especially if the property is an income producing property. Although there are ways for IRA holders to manage the property themselves, many choose to hire the expertise of a property manager to manage the property. This is not only to protect themselves in the process of finding good tenants, but also to avoid violating the IRA prohibited transaction rules. Here are tips for property managers to increase their understanding of these types of arrangements to attract IRA holders in using their services:

Topics: Real Estate, Investor Due Diligence, Alternative IRA Investments
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What Does “Fiduciary" Mean and Why Should Investors Care?

Ric Komarek, RFC ®

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When it comes to your financial life you deserve the best independent and objective advice. However, when you arrive at your financial advisor's office, how do you know whether he’s working exclusively for your best interest? Is his or her advice influenced by the compensation that they receive from your transaction? Many advisors are actually individual salespeople employed by brokerage firms. They are often called “Stockbrokers” but their office title is Registered Representative. The latter job title makes sense because they are registered to represent the brokerage firm for which they work.1 These “Stockbrokers” often receive “revenue sharing” payments for recommending specific mutual funds from their list of preferred product partners.

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