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What is a Custodial Account?

A Custodial Account is taxable, unlike an IRA which is a tax-deferred account.

This type of account allows you to invest your personal funds in alternative assets and benefit from Entrust’s nearly 40 years of expertise in providing recordkeeping and administrative services for alternative investments.

You can invest your Custodial Account funds in alternative assets such as private equity, Limited Liability Corporations, Limited Partnerships, REITs, and promissory notes.

Note: Our regular fee schedule applies to Custodial Accounts. Learn more here.

With Custodial Accounts, you can now:


Partner Your Funds

Partner your retirement account funds with your personal funds. Pooling funds gives you more buying power.


Consolidate Your Investment Records

Consolidate your investment records and statements by investing with your personal and retirement funds combined.

Ready to open a Custodial Account?


Log in to your Entrust account online, click on “Open new account” option on the left-hand menu and choose “Custodial” account type on the second step of the application.



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Want to find out more about Custodial Accounts?


Send us your information and an Entrust professional will get in touch to answer your questions and help you set up and account.

We're here to help.