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About this event

date-calendar-thin  Wednesday, June 16, 2021            clock-slim  11 a.m. PT / 2 p.m. ET   


This is a historic time for Self-Directed IRAs. From the rise of cryptocurrency to crowdfunding, investors are studying new alternatives to traditional investments. Since most IRA custodians allow only stock, bonds and mutual funds, savvy investors use Self-Directed IRAs to build their nest egg. Curious if self-direction is for you?

Start with an introduction to self-direction from Bill Neville of The Entrust Group. Join us on Wednesday, June 16, 2021, at 11 a.m. PT / 2 p.m. ET, to learn:

  • What self-direction is
  • The legal roles of the investor, IRA, and custodian
  • What you can and cannot invest in
  • Common investment strategies
  • Benefits and risks
  • If self-direction is right for you

Our host will lead a Q&A session after the presentation.

About the presenter


Bill Neville

Business Development Manager at The Entrust Group

Bill Neville joined The Entrust Group over nine years ago through his initial role as Manager of Operations for the company’s franchise program. When the program was discontinued, Bill stepped up to the task of managing the Compliance and Internal Audit departments. With a keen eye for detail and gaining valuable insights into the IRA industry, Mr. Neville kept Entrust’s educational programs and internal processes in line with industry regulations.

Bill actively takes pride in the company’s growth and success, and is currently the Business Development Manager for Entrust’s San Francisco Bay Area office.

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About The Entrust Group

Entrust strives to provide personal, professional services and education that empower clients to control their investment choices. You can rely on The Entrust Group for up-to-date training and continuing education about self-directed alternative investments. Our reports, webinars, and live events can help you keep up with the increasing demand to diversify portfolios.