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How To Get Started

1. Open an Entrust Precious Metals IRA. To receive a starter kit, simply contact our precious metals service center or your local Entrust office.

2. Fund your account via an annual contribution, IRA transfer, or rollover.

3. Select a precious metals dealer of your choice.

4. Once your IRA has been funded, contact the dealer of your choice to place a precious metal order. Once the order is confirmed, submit the Entrust “Buy Direction Letter”, dealer invoice, and Depository election form to Entrust for processing.

  • SAME DAY FUNDING: The Entrust Group is the only IRA Administrator that provides same day funding on precious metals purchase orders.**
  • Entrust will initiate a wire for the precious metal purchase to your dealer of choice.  Entrust will also provide the dealer with delivery instructions to your depository.

5.Your dealer will then ship the gold or other precious metal to the depository. Once the metals arrive at the depository, you will receive a delivery confirmation via email

**For same day funding on new purchases, the client must submit the Entrust Buy Direction Letter, dealer invoice, and Depository election form to Entrust prior to 1pm(PST).

Get started today! It's that easy.