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The Entrust Group myDirection Visa® Prepaid Card

Investor's Self-Directed IRA Asset Transactions Simplified

Discover the Benefits

With the Entrust myDirection Visa® Prepaid Card for asset transactions, you will be able to make faster investment transactions and lower the cost of maintaining your assets.


  • Avoid check requests and automatically add funds to your card to pay your vendors
  • Pay for IRA-owned asset maintenance, such as property management fees, upgrades, utility bills and property taxes.
  • Report self-directed IRA transactions online
  • Access Convenient support and online account access, 24/7
  • Use your card anywhere Visa® cards are accepted
Low $3.00 monthly maintenance fee & one-time only set-up fee of $25.00. This is not a credit card.

How to Request a myDirection Visa® Prepaid Card

Clients:  login to your portal to request a myDirection card
Non-Clients: fill out the form on this page ("New to Entrust?" - blue box on the right)

Must have an Entrust account to obtain card. Funds are loaded to the card from your Entrust account. Card can be used in the U.S. or abroad; anywhere Visa® debit cards are accepted. FDIC insured and available for IRAs, ESAs, and HSAs.

New to Entrust?

This request form is for non-clients only. If you are an existing Entrust client, please login to your portal to request a card.


We will not share your information with anybody, period. See our privacy policy.

myDirection Visa® Prepaid Card for Assets FAQs