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Holding alternative investments, such as real estate, in a self-directed IRA can help you build retirement funds. However, because these accounts allow for more investment freedom, they are also associated with increased liability. In order to be successful when working within self-directed IRA regulations, due diligence is necessary for investors to limit the risk associated with their retirement investments.

The Entrust Group strives to help investors understand the broad spectrum of alternative investment options, including industry strategies, as well as the benefits of self-directed investing. Additionally, we make it our priority to educate clients about the rules they must follow to protect their savings.

Below are just some examples of the topics and resources available to you in our Learning Center:

Examples of Educational Articles


Prohibited Transactions

Avoiding prohibited transactions is important to investors. Read our Prohibited Transaction FAQs or learn about disqualified persons so you can protect yourself from serious tax penalties.

For more information, IRS Code 4975 addresses prohibited transactions in detail. You may also visit the IRS website for more FAQs related to various IRA plans.


Visit our Learning Center's Resources section for self-directed account guides, case studies, IRA comparison charts, factors to consider when choosing a self-directed IRA custodian, and much more!

Please Note: The Entrust Group does not offer investment, tax, financial or legal advice to clients. Individuals who believe they need advice should consult with the appropriate professional(s) licensed in that area. This section of our website is devoted to providing clients and potential clients with educational information regarding self-directed accounts and possible investment scenarios. It is in no way intended as investment advice.

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