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About this event

date-calendar-thin  Tuesday, August 11, 2020            clock-slim  11:00 AM PT /  2:00 PM ET


Found the perfect real estate property for your IRA but not sure where to begin? Curious about the purchase process or how to maintain a property your IRA owns?

Join Mindy Gayer, Business Development Manager at The Entrust Group, as she covers the 3 stages of your first property purchase: Planning, Purchasing and Maintaining. This introductory presentation is perfect for anyone looking to grow their retirement account with real estate. Tune in at 11 a.m. PT/2 p.m. ET on Tuesday, August 11th, to learn about:

  • Due diligence tips
  • The different purchasing methods available
  • How property income and expenses work in an IRA
  • Investing rules and common mistakes

We’ll also be hosting a post-presentation Q&A session to answer all your burning questions.

About the presenter


Mindy Gayer

Business Development Manager

Mindy Gayer leads The Entrust Group out of the Nashville, Tennessee office which serves the Southeast Region. She joins Entrust with over 13 years of sales and relationship management experience, seven years of banking experience, and eight years of retirement industry administration experience.

Holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, Illinois, Mindy takes a lot of pride in her business and financial background. The retirement industry has always been of interest to her, and something she is very passionate about. She believes there is a strong need for more education to the general population on the importance of having a retirement plan and goal. Ultimately, Mindy aims to provide that education to all individuals on their options for diversifying their retirement portfolios using alternative investments through a Self-Directed IRA.


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Entrust strives to provide personal, professional services and education that empower clients to control their investment choices. You can rely on The Entrust Group for up-to-date training and continuing education about self-directed alternative investments. Our reports, webinars, and live events can help you keep up with the increasing demand to diversify portfolios.