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date-calendar-thin  Wednesday, March 20th, 2019            clock-slim  11:00 AM PT /  2:00 PM ET


The tax deadline of April 15th is fast approaching, and just as every year, investors are trying to find ways to maximize their tax refund. Self-directed IRAs come with their tax advantages that can be utilized strategically for that purpose. Whether you’re a current or a new investor, it will benefit you to better understand the tax advantages of these accounts. During this webinar, John Paul Ruiz, Director of Professional Development at The Entrust Group, will go over the different tax advantages depending on which type of IRA you hold.

Register to this webinar to learn more about:

  • Which compensations are taxable
  • The tax advantages of each type of account
  • Contribution basics, including limits, deadlines, and eligibility
  • And much more!

 John Paul will be answering all your questions at the end of the webinar during a Q&A session.

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About the presenter


John Paul Ruiz, QKA, CISP

Director of Professional Development

John Paul Ruiz brings to the team over 25 years of experience in the retirement and financial services industries. Before joining Entrust, he served as Vice President of Professional Development for Integrated Retirement Initiatives, LLC. John Paul has also gained valuable retirement plan insight from his roles at Ascensus, the IRA Institute, and American Bankers Association, among others. To complement his extensive career within the retirement and finance industries, John Paul holds QKA and CISP certifications. He joins the Entrust team to help us remain compliant with ERISA regulations and to offer valuable insights about the retirement industry so that we can better serve our clients.

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