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Streamline Your Investment Strategy with an IRA LLC

Discover the power of checkbook control. Download your free self-directed IRA LLC guide today.

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Looking for faster transactions, fewer administrative fees, and liability protection for your retirement savings?

A self-directed IRA LLC could be the solution. You can take advantage of these benefits while diversifying your retirement portfolio through an IRA LLC.

This can seem intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be.

Download our Guide to Investing with a Self-Directed Account Through an LLC to find out:

  • What to expect when you invest through an LLC: establishment, taxes, due diligence, etc.
  • Rules you must follow in order to maintain your IRA’s tax-advantaged status
  • The power of checkbook control (and how it could potentially save you hours)
  • How combining IRA LLC and partnering can increase your investment potential
  • What you must do before you establish your LLC

This guide also includes a step-by-step flowchart to demonstrate how to establish your self-directed IRA LLC and use it to purchase assets.

Get your free copy of our guide today!


What to Expect 

We’ll guide you step-by-step and show you how to establish your self-directed IRA LLC and use it to invest in alternative assets. 

Open an SDIRA.
Fund your SDIRA with a contribution, transfer, or rollover.
Choose a name for your LLC.
Register your LLC with a state, and file your articles of organization. Be sure to check out your state’s requirements for the articles of organization.
Prepare your operating agreement and designate the SDIRA as a member of the LLC using specific language and details that are unique to the LLC structure. The SDIRA must be listed as the sole owner. Then, designate the manager of the LLC.
Apply for an Employer Tax Identification Number (EIN).
Have the LLC open a checking account. This account is managed for the LLC by the SDIRA. If the SDIRA account holder is the manager of the LLC, then the SDIRA account holder is the person that manages the checking account.
Submit an investment request in order to fund the LLC checking account and upload your operating agreement. Your administrator will initiate the transaction in the name of your SDIRA.
LLC guide cover-1

Streamline Your Investment Strategy with IRA LLC

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