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Invest in a wide variety of alternative assets not available through traditional banks and brokers to diversify your portfolio.


Real Estate

Build a retirement portfolio with a range of assets you understand and trust, from single-family homes to mortgage notes.

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Precious Metals

Adding precious metals to your retirement account could help you avoid the risk of unstable markets and inflation.

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Private Placements - LLCs

Amplify the potential for financial growth by making investments in such entities as startups, partnerships, or businesses.

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cbbb-badge-horzBenefit from the Best Administrator of Self Directed IRAs

At Entrust, we're dedicated to providing our clients with the educational tools and resources they need to make their own investment decisions, backed by:

  • 34 years experience in the self-directed IRA industry
  • More nationwide locations than any other administrator
  • Professionals knowledgeable in allowable alternative investments
  • Experience managing over 19,000 clients and $2.2 billion

The Nation's Leading Self-Directed IRA Administrator

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For over 30 years, Entrust has provided account administration services for self-directed IRAs (individual retirement accounts) and other tax-advantaged plans (HSAs, ESAs). Entrust assists account owners in purchasing non-traditional investments with their retirement funds, including residential and commercial real estate, secured and unsecured notes, limited liability corporations, precious metals, mortgages, and more.