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The ABA recently made changes to their CISP exam. Please make sure you read the following carefully to understand how to register to the exam.


If you'd like to take the CISP exam, start by ensuring you're eligible. Professionals typically need to have 4 years of dedicated IRA operational or technical experience to qualify for the CISP exam. However, IRA Academy's American Bankers Association (ABA) approval allows us to lower the professional experience requirement to only 2 years. Check out the eligibility requirements page on the ABA website for more details.
If you wish to take the exam the day after the class ends or shortly after, during the September 1-30, 2020 window the ABA offers, you'll need to submit your application to the American Bankers Association by July 17th. Click Here for more information regarding the application. Note that the IRA Academy registration does not include the ABA fee to take the exam. You will have to pay a fee of $550.
You will receive an Approval/Denial email from the ABA within two weeks after they receive your application, along with additional details about the exam site. There are some test sites available in Nashville, TN but if you decide to fly back home after the class ends and take the CISP exam near your home, here's a list of test site cities the ABA offers: https://www.scantron.com/test-site-cities/
If you're not taking the exam, your course will end after the last session on Thursday, September 17th at 12pm. A comprehensive review will be conducted in the afternoon. Attendees who aren't taking the CISP exam are also welcome to attend the review.

Already registered for IRA Academy and ready to sign up for the CISP exam? Click here to start your application.

Study Sessions

Study sessions take place at our partner hotel - Candlewood Suites, Nashville Metrocenter. The instructor will run daily review sessions from 6-8 pm to help students retain the information from classes that day and answer any questions they might have. These study sessions are voluntary and provided free of charge.

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