With an Entrust self-directed IRA, precious metals (including gold, silver, palladium, and platinum) can be used to diversify your retirement portfolio.

Entrust has administered investments in precious metals with GoldMoney since 2008.  Our partnership allows us to offer greater benefits and more flexibility for precious metals IRA investments.

Purchasing precious metals in your IRA has never been easier!

We have simplified the process to rollover all or any portion of your stock-based IRA into a Precious Metals IRA.  It's as easy as 1,2,3.  Follow the steps below to get started:

STEP 1. Download the GoldMoney IRA Kit

STEP 2. Download the Metals Trust Document

The Metals Trust is the agreement between Entrust and The Hong Kong Trust Company Ltd., which allows IRA investments in offshore precious metals with GoldMoney. Please read and retain for your records.

STEP 3. Download the Disclosure Agreement for Your Plan

Traditional IRA Agreement & Disclosure

Roth IRA Agreement & Disclosure

SEP IRA Agreement & Disclosure

SIMPLE IRA Agreement & Disclosure

Download and save for your records.