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    Dashboard - Portal

    Brand New Dashboard

    Now when you login you'll be taken to your account Dashboard. Here you'll be able to view your account information and account management features.
    • All accounts in one view, if you have more than one.
    • Account management made easy - build statements, view tax forms, fees, and manage your account's beneficiaries and 3rd party access. 
    • Quick Links - the most popular actions are now quick and easy to access via the Dashboard.
    • Tool Tips - You'll see (?) throughout your new portal. These are here to provide more information and will help you navigate our portal.


    What you knew as Statements is now Assets. Here you’ll see a breakdown of all the assets you own in your account.

    • We added new features showing your available funds, any pending cash, and the total market value of your account (based on your FMVs or applicable market data). 
    • Convenient access to the Build Statement tool.
    • View your assets 'as of' date.
    Transactions - Portal


    We've updated our Transactions tab. In this section you can view all transactions you've conducted and how they've been applied to your principal cash and principal investments.

    • Filter transactions by type or date.
    • Convenient access to the Build Statement tool.
    • Download and print statements at any time.

    User-Friendly New Design


    Works On Any Screen Size


    Helpful Tool Tips

    Activity - Portal


    What you knew as Transactions has now been updated to our new Activity tab. From here you’ll be able to fund your account, start a new investment, sell an asset, add or update payees, and much more. You will also be able to track the status of each activity on your account from there.
    • Start new activities on your account such as funding, making a new investment, fair market value, selling an asset, and more. 
    • View your pending or recurring activities.
    Billing - Portal


    We’ve made adding or updating a credit card to pay your Entrust fees a breeze.

    • Add, update, or delete a credit card on file.
    • View and pay your Entrust Fees.
    • View other payment options.

    I Want To...

    Not sure where to find something or want to see all of the activity options you have in your portal? Check out the I Want To... tab for a helpful overview.
    • Choose from all the actions and options you have on the portal.
    • I Want To.. has replaced our All Services page.

    Ready to explore your new portal?

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