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This workbook will help you answer these 3 questions...

  1. How much am I currently paying in fees?

    If you have an old employer-sponsored retirement savings account or an IRA that has been sitting around for a while, do you know what you're paying in fees?

    All employer-sponsored plans and IRAs have to disclose their fees on your quarterly statements. However, they may be buried in the fine print, or you may just never think to look for them. 

    Download this kit to better understand the management fees you're currently paying, and whether an IRA can help you reduce what you pay in fees.

  2. Is my 401(k) underperforming?

    Most 401(k)s limit your investment options to stocks, bonds, and cash to keep their costs down — often at your expense.

    This lack of flexibility and access to alternative assets may result in an underperforming portfolio and a limited ability to make changes.

    Download this kit to learn about the alternative investments you can invest in with an IRA.

  3. Can I take control of my retirement savings?

    When you choose an IRA, you are choosing to take an active role in your retirement planning.

    Instead of being restricted to preselected funds in your 401(k), an Entrust Self-Directed IRA gives you access to alternative assets such as real estate, LLC, secured notes, and precious metals. This gives you the power to diversify your portfolio, reduce management fees, and choose investments you’re comfortable with.

    Download this kit to learn whether your 401(k) can rollover or transfer into an IRA, the type of IRA that's best for you, and exactly how you can make the switch (and the help that's available to you).

Download The Entrust Financial Fitness Workbook

Learn whether an IRA is right for you and how easy it is to get started