We don’t compete. We complement.

To help you grow your business, we have developed The Entrust Group Accelerated Business Growth Program. This program is designed to help you, the business owner or professional, learn how to unlock retirement wealth within your existing network of clients and prospects through education.

Whether you are a financial advisor, a real estate professional, or you're looking for start up capital for your business, you can offer your audience a way to truly diversify their retirement portfolios and expand their investment opportunities with self-direction.

Here are the top 3 benefits that we offer through our Business Growth Program:

  • Discounted Fees - As a member of our Accelerated Business Growth Program, you will receive a discount on account opening and transaction fees. This discounted fee schedule is only offered to our B2B members.
  • Marketing/Branding Opportunities – Stand out from the competition through thought leadership. Participate as a special guest in one of our live workshops, conferences, or webinars, or submit an article to be featured in our Learning Center and our e-newsletters.  We provide free marketing materials that you can share with your clients.
  • Educational Opportunities – Bring outstanding, accredited knowledge-building opportunities to your partners, gatekeepers, and clients. Our team of professionals can offer insight into self-directed investment strategies and transaction processes, and teach you how to take advantage of wealth-building tools to benefit your clients - and reach new ones!

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Who can benefit from the Entrust B2B program? 
Companies and Business Owners  |  Real Estate Professionals  |  CPA/CFP  |  Legal/Tax  |  Precious Metals  |  Education

Companies and Business Owners

If your company is looking for investor capital, or you provide alternative investments that can be held in a self-directed IRA, learn how to grow your company through the flexibility that self-directed retirement plans have to offer. In this economy, more and more investors are looking for alternatives to the stock market to diversify their retirement accounts. We help you educate investors on the benefits of alternative assets. Learn how to work with investors’ retirement funds to grow your company.

Real Estate (Sales, Brokers)

Tap into the $6.2 trillion of self-directed retirement funds to find more real estate investors. Show your clients how they can invest in all forms of real estate and related assets with a self-directed IRA. With the tightening of lending practices, self-directed IRAs are a great source for funding transactions. Learn how to partner with other individuals, as well as with other IRAs, to close bigger transactions.

Investment Advisory and Financial Planning (CPA, CFP, RIA)

Learn the rules unique to self-directed retirement accounts, including Unrelated Business Income Tax (UBIT), and add a new niche to your practice. If your clients ask about non-traditional or self-directed investments in their retirement account, are you prepared? Develop your expertise to gain more clients and referrals.

Legal & Tax Services (ATTY, LLCS)

Boost your practice and gain clients/referrals through your knowledge of self-directed retirement plans. Learn all about Unrelated Business Income Tax (UBIT), prohibited transactions, and more to position yourself as a trusted advisor, differentiating yourself from your competition.

Precious Metals

Grow your business through the tools and education we provide precious metals investors. Entrust has a dedicated Precious Metals Center to work with you in servicing your clients. Our knowledgeable precious metals staff provides superior and unrestricted services to clients and dealers.

Educational Organizations

We can provide educational content, events, and webinars, at no charge to your institution. Entrust is the leader in self-directed retirement education and has the tools and expertise necessary to help you bring up-to-date information to your members. We also provide continuing educational credits to real estate licensees, CPAs, and CFPs.