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Wondering what accounting fees are associated with a self-directed IRA?

We are upfront about our fees and make them easy to understand. The four fee categories are establishment, administration, transaction, and termination. Clients have 24/7 access to their account via our Client Portal and are assigned a personal representative to answer any questions about their IRA. Entrust also provides FREE investor education and resources in our IRA Learning Center.

Establishment Fee

If investing in:
Alternative Assets (non-refundable, one-time fee per account)


Precious Metals (only) $0

Annual Account
Administration Fee

Precious Metals Accounts (only) $150

Alternative Assets Account Fee Options

Option 1 - Based on Number of Assets $299 per asset
Option 2 - Based on Asset Value (calculate using the table below) Min. $199 - Max. $1,995
If the account value is between Multiply the value by
$1 and $24,999
$25,000 and $49,999
$50,000 and $149,999
$150,000 and $299,999
$300,000 and up
$1,995 (max)

For example, if account value is $20,000, the annual administration fee would be $199 ($20,000 x .0095 = $190. However, $199 is the minimum fee.) If account value is $55,000, the annual administration fee would be $445.00, calculated by adding together the incremental amounts for each tier: Tier 1: $24,999 x .0095 = $237.49; Tier 2: $25,000 x .0070 = $175.00. Tier 3: $5,001 x .0065 = $32.51. Combining the number from all three tiers totals $445.00.

Termination Fee

Alternative Assets $250
Precious Metals (only) $150

Account Buy and Sell of Asset Transaction Fees

Purchase, sale, or exchange of Precious Metals
(Precious Metals Depository Fees associated with precious metals account may apply and will be charged to your account)
Purchase, sale, exchange or additional funding, per asset
(excluding real estate and/or precious metals)
Purchase, sale, or exchange of Real Estate
(includes earnest money if applicable)
Purchase, sale, or exchange of Real Estate with Non-Recourse Loan
(includes earnest money if applicable)

Other Transaction Fees 

Applies to all Entrust Accounts

ACH transfers, incoming and outgoing $0
Wire transfers, per item, incoming and outgoing $30
Overnight delivery via FedEx, UPS, USPS, etc $30
(includes all check requests)
Cashiers or other official bank check $30
Research of closed assets or accounts, legal research, or special handling of transactions $150/hour
Returned items of any kind and stop payments, per item $30
Note: B2B Negotiated Fee Schedule supersedes this fee schedule. Fee schedules for other services and products are listed separately and must be acknowledged at time of request.

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Choose An Asset Type

For information on dual account fees please contact us.

Precious Metals Asset Information

Other Alternative Assets Information

  • $

Your Annual Fees

Based on the information you provided, your fees would be based on the number of assets. (Option 1)
Based on the information you provided, your fees would be based on the asset value. (Option 2)

Account Termination Fee

Precious Metals Accounts (only) $150

Account Termination Fee

Alternative Assets (only) $250