Domestic Depository Options

IRS rules prohibit precious metals IRA holders from taking personal possession of the IRA owned physical metal. As a result, metals must be stored in a regulated and insured facility known as a depository.

When you hold a precious metals IRA with Entrust, you have the freedom to choose from a number of domestic depositories. If you are unsure of which depository to choose, your precious metals dealer may be able to recommend a depository that meets IRS regulations, as well as your needs.

Entrust works with the following nationally recognized depositories:

Name of Depository


Election Form

CNT Depository, Inc. 

Bridgewater, MA


Dakota Depository Company

Fargo, ND 


Delaware Depository Services Company

Wilmington, DE


Idaho Armored Vaults, LLC

Nampa, ID


The Entrust Group has a dedicated professional staff in our Precious Metals Center. Contact us or read our online educational materials to learn more about precious metals investing for your retirement.

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