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Entrust IRA Trends

For over 37 years, The Entrust Group has been the industry leader in Real Estate IRAs. Our clients have consistently invested in real estate.

  • State-by-State Analysis
  • Types of Real Estate Investments
  • Types of IRAs Used
  • Return on Investment
  • And more...



National IRA Trends

The improving US real estate market and growing interest in self-directed retirement plans present an opportunity for savvy investors.

  • Generational Look at Property Buyers and Sellers
  • 3 Emerging Trends in the Housing Market
  • Home Buyer Analysis 
  • Home Seller Analysis 


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Real Estate IRA Basics

Learn the basics of investing in real estate with a self-directed IRA. Our step-by-step process can help you to get started on your investment journey.

  • Tax Advantages
  • Investing Options
  • IRS Rules & Regulations
  • 6 Steps to Making Your Investment
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Investor Success Stories

Meet three typical Entrust clients who saw substantial returns on their respective real estate investments.

  • Alden and Anne from Western Pennsylvania gained rental income and a 30% ROI in three years.
  • Roy from Denver achieved 23% ROI in six months for a single renovation project.
  • Tracy from Los Angeles earned rental income and a 16% ROI in five years.
Get Your FREE Real Estate Market Research Report