Selling a real estate asset that is a part of your retirement plan is similar to a regular real estate transaction, except The Entrust Group handles and signs all of the documents on your behalf. As the IRA holder, you always have a say in the process and any assets you hold can never be sold without your permission.

4-Step Process for Selling Your Investment Property

1. Work with a real estate agent familiar with self-directed IRAs and place the property on the market.

2. They buyer will draw up a purchase contract, which Entrust will sign on behalf of your retirement plan. Make sure the seller on the purchase agreement is your IRA.

3. Complete a “Sell Direction Letter” along with required documents, and submit it to Entrust. Refer to the recorded deed for proper titling of the documents.  Instruct Entrust to liquidate the asset via the Sell Direction Letter.

Note: You must notate all documents as “read and approved” with your signature and date. Do not sign the documents where a signature is required. Entrust must sign all documentation for the sale on behalf of you, the IRA holder.

Required Documentation:

  • Entrust’s Sell Direction Letter
  • Purchase Contract
  • Warranty or Grant Deed
  • Preliminary Title Report
  • Estimated Closing Statement (if applicable)

4. Any money you receive from the sale of the property will be deposited in your IRA. The sale proceeds check or wire must be payable to The Entrust Group, Inc. FBO [Client or Plan Name], Account # [Entrust Account number].

The property sale is consummated between the IRA and the buyer.