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Purchasing Your First Real Estate Property With a Self-Directed IRA

We cover the 3 stages of your first property purchase: Planning, Purchasing and Maintaining. This introductory presentation is perfect for anyone looking to grow their retirement account with real estate.

Date: Tuesday, August 11, 2020
Time: 11:00am PT / 2:00pm ET
Best For: All Investors
Cost: Free

Webinar Recordings

Protecting Your Retirement Portfolio With Precious Metals [July 2020]

With such radical change in 2020 for retirement plan investors, are you wondering how to protect your retirement portfolio? How to select the best investment for your future? We bet you are.

With a long history of durability and resilience, we are focusing an entire session on precious metals investing to provide an overview of this asset class. Co-presenting with The Entrust Group’s Business Development Manager, Bill Neville, is precious metals maestro and Owner of Idaho Armored Vaults, Bob Coleman. Tune into this replay as we discuss:

  • Risk vs. diversification
  • Trends and valuations of today’s precious metals market
  • Logistics and best practices for due diligence, purchasing and storing precious metals
  • Red flags to beware of

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How to Diversify Your Portfolio With Farmland Investments [June 2020]

As the Coronavirus crisis continues to ensue, large sectors of the economy face substantial losses. During this time, it’s never been more important to take control of your retirement investments and learn how to diversify your portfolio beyond traditional stocks and bonds by reviewing alternative “recession-proof” asset classes. 

In this webinar replay, FarmTogether’s Founder & CEO, Artem Milinchuk, discuss farmland as an asset class, an opportunity you’ve likely never heard of before. Co-presented by Bill Neville, Business Development manager at The Entrust Group, this webinar covers the current state of agricultural investing, farmland in comparison to traditional investments, and due diligence best practices. In this session, you’ll learn about:

  • What farmland investing is and how it compares to traditional investments and other alternative investments like real estate and gold.
  • How COVID-19 has impacted financial markets, the state of agriculture and agricultural investments.
  • What makes farmland a stable investment during and post COVID-19 and how it fits into a long-term retirement investment strategy.
  • How to invest in farmland and due diligence best practices.

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Empowering Investors in Disrupted Markets [May 2020]

COVID-19 has caused many disruptions around the world, affecting the economy and more specifically the stock market, the retirement industry, the US unemployment rate. We are bringing in two wealth management specialists to discuss the state of the economy, market sentiment and valuation.

In this webinar replay, Chris McAlpin, Managing Partner of Sound Financial Strategies Group, Clint Sorenson, Co-Founder and CIO of WealthShield, LLC, and Mindy Gayer, Business Development Manager of The Entrust Group, discuss:

  • SECURE Act and CARES Act
  • Market sentiment
  • Market valuation
  • How the FED is responding

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What will be Coronavirus' Impact on Real Estate, Stocks, and Daily Life? [April 2020]

By now, Coronavirus (COVID-19) has personally and professionally impacted you; disruptions to daily life are staggering and changing rapidly. As the economy weakens, investors and professionals are adapting their strategies to mitigate financial losses.

Curious about best practices that industry experts are implementing to protect communities and investor profit? Watch this webinar with Neal Bawa, Founder and CEO at Grocapitus and Multifamily University, and Bill Neville, Business Development Manager at The Entrust Group, for a data-driven presentation covering Neal Bawa’s latest research on Coronavirus and likely scenarios moving forward, followed by a Q&A session.

Tune in to learn more about:

  • The impact on the U.S. economy and what the likely scenarios are
  • How real estate is likely to be impacted
  • Insights on the stock market

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IRA Master Guide to 2020 Taxes [March 2020]

With the 2020 tax deadline fast approaching, investors and retirement account holders alike are trying to find ways to maximize their tax returns and stay compliant with IRS requirements.    

Want to take control of your IRA before the tax deadline? In this webinar, our in-house expert, John Paul Ruiz, Instructor of IRA Academy and The Entrust Group’s Director of Professional Development covers all topics related to IRA taxes, including:

  • Tips for reducing your taxable income
  • Taxable compensation
  • Contribution limits
  • Key IRS documents and deadlines

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Cannabis Investing: A Budding Industry [February 2020]

As U.S. state legalization accelerates annually, cannabis is taking the finance world by storm and disrupting the status quo. Growing rapidly, the cannabis industry has unique private placements budding every year.

Curious how investing in cannabis may add value to your retirement portfolio? Watch this webinar, presented by Michael Scott, Founder and CEO at Cannapreneur Partners, and Tony Unkel, Business Development Manager at The Entrust Group, to discover key updates in the cannabis industry and the nuances of investing in associated private placements with your Self-Directed IRA.


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Professional IRA Training

IRA Academy 2020

This is a four-day professional training course on Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) and employer-sponsored plans such as SEP and SIMPLE plans. Attendees will receive in-depth, cutting edge instruction in an ideal learning environment. The course is American Bankers Association (ABA) approved to prepare candidates for the Certified IRA Services Professional (CISP) exam. It provides Continuing Education credits for the CISP, CTFA, and CRSP designations. The Entrust Group is also a CFP Board CE provider and has registered this course to provide 28 CE credits for Certified Financial Planners.

Date: September 14-17, 2020
Location: Barrett Training Center, Nashville, TN
Best For: Financial Advisors, CPAs, CFPs, Banking Personal, Trust Officers, and anyone in the retirement industry.

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