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2021 Deadlines All IRA Holders Should Know [January 2021]

For many IRA holders, New Year’s is a time to review their portfolios and research financial trends. But elite investors understand the key to prudent investing year-over-year is getting organized before diving into the year. And getting every IRA deadline on your calendar is step 1. Not prepared? Get ready with us!

Presented by in-house IRA expert and Director of Professional Development at The Entrust Group, John Paul Ruiz, this webinar covers:

  • 2021 deadlines that IRA holders should know about
  • Crucial IRS forms associated to each deadline
  • Best practices to stay organized throughout 2021

As a bonus, you can download our 2021 Retirement Plan Deadlines Calendar below to keep you on track.

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Tax Returns: How to Report IRA Transactions [December 2020]

Millions of active retirement plans (like IRAs) empower investors with valuable methods to build their retirement nest egg. Making contributions to invest in your future seems simple enough, right? Not so fast. To grow your retirement wealth year-after-year without penalty, retirement plan transactions must be accurately reported to the IRS.

From contributions to taxes on distributions, savvy account owners must learn which forms are required and how to properly complete them. Luckily, in-house IRS expert and Director of Professional Development at Entrust, John Paul Ruiz, is here to simplify reporting for us.

In this webinar replay, John Paul covers:

  • Reporting contributions, rollovers, and distributions
  • Determining taxation on contributions and distributions
  • Additional tax reporting for IRAs 

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Real Estate Trends: What to Expect in 2021 [November 2020]

We’ve all watched real estate yo-yo throughout 2020. And with endless predictions about what will happen next, are you wondering who’s right? How to find accurate 2020 real estate data? Good news! You’re not alone.

In fact, we’re so curious that we brought in market research expert, Neal Bawa, CEO of Grocapitus and Multifamily University, to share his data driven real estate trends. Alongside Bill Neville, Business Development Manager at The Entrust Group, Neal teaches real estate investors what to expect in 2021. We close the webinar by demonstrating how investors can streamline their IRA-owned real estate investments expenses.

In this webinar replay, the experts discuss: 

  • The impact of COVID-19 on the real estate market
  • Neal Bawa’s 2020 “Megatrends”
  • The easiest way to manage a property owned by your SDIRA in 2020

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Smart Investing With AI: Grow & Protect IRA Wealth [October 2020]

Algorithmic Intelligence, commonly called AI, is a powerful technology disrupting the investment landscape. With superhuman ability to analyze market trends and data sets, AI has empowered all investors (not just Wall Street) to preserve, protect and grow their IRA wealth.

Before leveraging this technology with an IRA, you must understand how AI functions, automates investments, and optimizes your funds. Since we aren’t programmers or machine learning experts, AI maestro and iFlip CEO, Randy Tate, came in to demystify AI for us.

In this replay, Mindy Gayer, Business Development Manager at The Entrust Group, met with Randy to discuss:

  • How AI works
  • How AI is used in financial services and the investment world
  • How individuals use AI to grow their wealth
  • Pros and cons of AI investing

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Purchasing Your First Real Estate Property With a Self-Directed IRA [August 2020]

Found the perfect real estate property for your IRA but not sure where to begin? Curious about the purchase process or how to maintain a property your IRA owns?

Join Mindy Gayer, Business Development Manager at The Entrust Group, as she covers the 3 stages of your first property purchase: Planning, Purchasing and Maintaining. This introductory presentation is perfect for anyone looking to grow their retirement account with real estate. Tune into this webinar replay to learn about:

  • Due diligence tips
  • The different purchasing methods available
  • How property income and expenses work in an IRA
  • Investing rules and common mistakes

Don't miss this month's amazing Q&A session after the presentation!

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Protecting Your Retirement Portfolio With Precious Metals [July 2020]

With such radical change in 2020 for retirement plan investors, are you wondering how to protect your retirement portfolio? How to select the best investment for your future? We bet you are.

With a long history of durability and resilience, we are focusing an entire session on precious metals investing to provide an overview of this asset class. Co-presenting with The Entrust Group’s Business Development Manager, Bill Neville, is precious metals maestro and Owner of Idaho Armored Vaults, Bob Coleman. Tune into this replay as we discuss:

  • Risk vs. diversification
  • Trends and valuations of today’s precious metals market
  • Logistics and best practices for due diligence, purchasing and storing precious metals
  • Red flags to beware of

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