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Entrust Precious Metals IRA Center

Precious Metals IRA Center


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Contact Information

555 12th Street
Suite 1250
Oakland, CA  94607
Phone: (877) 545-0544
Fax: (866) 228-4009

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Gold IRA Same Day Funding

  • NO set-up fee
  • Flat annual administration fee of $150
  • No transaction fees for purchases, sales or exchanges of precious metals
  • Easy to use online statements with daily updated metal prices

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About Our Precious Metals Center

The Entrust Group Precious Metals IRA Center is dedicated to servicing precious metals investors and dealers to meet the growing demand for Gold IRAs and other Precious Metals accounts. Consolidating our operations allows our knowledgeable staff to focus on your precious metals needs and provide superior and unrestricted service.

With an Entrust Precious Metals IRA, investors can diversify their retirement portfolio with physical precious metals, including gold bars, silver American Eagle coins, and more.

To learn more about establishing an Entrust Gold IRA and investing in precious metals, request our Precious Metals Starter Kit.

Our Precious Metals Center provides:

  • A team of dedicated precious metals specialists
  • Assurance that all metals are safely stored with nationally recognized depository services
  • The ability to choose how you want to hold precious metals in your IRA, be it physical (allocated or unallocated) gold and silver bullion, certificates, or Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)
  • Assistance with international precious metals transactions

To learn more about establishing an Entrust Precious Metals IRA, visit our dedicated website www.entrustgoldira.com