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For Investors

An Entrust Precious Metals IRA Offers:

  • The power to choose your dealer and depository.
  • A dedicated precious metal service team to assist you and your dealer.
  • A low, all-inclusive, annual administration fee.
  • Zero set-up fees and NO transaction fees.
  • Easy to use online statements. 
  • The ability to make annual contributions.
  • The ability to initiate a transfer/rollover from an existing IRA or 401(K) to your Entrust account.

What Does Entrust Do For Me?

  • Entrust will initiate same day funding for your IRA once you have placed the order with the dealer of your choice
  • Entrust will track and confirm all incoming deliveries to the depository against the dealer’s invoice.
  • Entrust provides the required ongoing administration for your IRA owned metals. Your asset values are updated daily and always available for you to access online.
  • Entrust processes ongoing depository storage fees for your IRA. Storage fees may be paid for by the IRA or via credit card.

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