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This exclusive industry report will give you insight into the Where, What, and How Much of Real Estate IRA investing.

Each year, The Entrust Group uncovers real estate investment trends and insights based on data from Entrust clients and respected organizations, such as National Association of REALTORS®.

Here's what you'll find in the report:

  • Top states where investors sold and purchased property
  • What investors paid for properties
  • Types of real estate sold and purchased
  • Which states had the highest return on investments
  • How to invest in real estate with a Real Estate IRA
  • and more...


Download the latest Real Estate Investor Market Research Report

Whom does this report benefit?

This report gives investors, financial and retirement advisors, and real estate professionals an overview of the market and insights into strategies used by savvy investors. It offers real estate brokers and financial advisors information about self-directed retirement savings accounts that can set them apart in the marketplace.

We are the only self-directed IRA firm to provide such in-depth data on Real Estate IRA investments. You won’t find this research anywhere else in the industry.