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How and Where Real Estate Investors are Using Self-Directed IRAs

Self-Directed IRAs give you remarkable freedom to invest in alternative assets.  Among Entrust account holders, real estate is the #1 investment of choice. This report covers transactions by successful real estate investors for purchases in 2014 with retirement savings and self-directed IRAs.

Find out:

  • Where do people invest in real estate?
  • What kind of properties do real estate investors purchase?
  • How much did IRAs pay for investment properties?
  • And more!

Learn the habits of successful investors. Download the report today!



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Our Focus is Education

 "We believe that education is key to successful investing.

- Hugh Bromma
Founder & Chief Executive Officer, The Entrust Group

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“Self-directed IRAs provide tremendous opportunities in growing an individual’s nest egg.”

- John Paul Ruiz
Director of Professional Development, The Entrust Group