Creating an IRA LLC to Invest in Real Estate

How it Works

Before you request funding on an LLC, be sure to check that the following requirements are met:

  • The LLC has been set up for the exclusive benefit of your self-directed IRA.

  • The bank account has been established under the LLC name.
  • The LLC has a proper Tax Identification Number.
  • Funds are payable to the LLC.
  • The initial contribution equals the percentage of ownership in the LLC (if there is more than one member).
  • The IRA pays the expense for the creation of the LLC.


If the above conditions are met, send the following documentation to The Entrust Group for review and funding of the LLC purchase:

  1. Buy Direction Letter.
  2. Private Placement Disclaimer.
  3. Operating Agreement. (Be sure to have the proper vesting and have the documents notated “Read and Approved” with your signature and date).

Learn about Buying an existing IRA LLC here.