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Opening a self-directed IRA is a simple and painless process.  Remember, you can contact us with questions at any time during the application process.

Setting Up Your New Account:

Step 1

Determine what type of self-directed account is right for you.
  • Download a new account kit.
  • Complete your new account application, review it for accuracy.
  • Sign and date your application, making sure it matches the signature on your valid ID.

Step 2

Choose a fee option.  Entrust provides two different fee options.
  • Choose the annual fee option that best fits your situation; one based on the number of assets you have or one based on the value of your assets.
  • Look at other fees that may apply to your account and contact your local representative if you have any questions.

Step 3

Fund your account.  There are several ways you can fund your account.  Your kit contains the following forms:

  • Rollover/Direct Rollover Certification Form: Complete this form if you wish to take a distribution from your previous IRA custodian. To avoid taxes or penalties, make sure the rollover is done within 60 days from the time you took the distribution.
  • Transfer Form: Complete this form to transfer funds from an IRA you have with another custodian. If you would like to transfer funds from more than one IRA, fill out a separate form for each account.  Each transfer form must be accompanied by a copy of your current custodian's IRA statement.
  • Deposit Coupon: Complete this form to fund your account with a contribution.

Step 4

Provide a copy of your ID. 
  • Make sure the copy of your non-expired ID is clear and legible.  If your signature is on the back of the ID, include a copy of the front and back.
  • Compare the signature on your valid ID to the signature on your application to ensure that it matches.
  • If the address on your ID is not current, attach a copy of a current utility bill.

Step 5

Submit your new account kit.
You can submit your application via email, fax, or by mail.  Please see instructions provided in your kit.


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