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Access the largest knowledge base for Self-Directed IRAs. Expand your investor knowledge with articles, whitepapers, practical guides and tons of other educational resources.

About Entrust


For 40 years, The Entrust Group has provided account administration services for self-directed retirement and tax-advantaged plans. Entrust can assist you in purchasing alternative investments with your retirement funds, and administer the buying and selling of assets that are typically unavailable through banks and brokerage firms.

Entrust Academy features professional educational workshops, online courses, and in-person training designed specifically for financial and retirement professionals. These educational trainings can help you prepare for the CISP exam, earn continuing education credits to maintain your certifications, or boost your professional knowledge to serve clients better.

We offer several options for learning including our IRA Academy four-day class, which is approved by the American Bankers Association, NASBA, and the CFP Board to provide CE credits for the following certifications: CISP, CRSP, CTFA, CPA, and CFP. Our online education courses are currently approved by the ABA to provide CE credits for the CISP, CRSP, and CTFA certifications. We're currently undergoing review from NASBA and the CFP Board for additional certifications for our online education courses.

Over the years we’ve taught thousands of retirement professionals everything they need to know about IRAs. Join the ranks of Entrust-educated professionals who are transforming the retirement industry by providing their clients with the expertise they have acquired through the Entrust Academy.


Meet Your Instructor

Susan Diehl | QPA, CPC, ERPA, TGPC & BCF™

Susan D. Diehl, President of PenServ Plan Services, Inc., is a preeminent retirement plan and benefits expert. Her impressive array of credentials includes Qualified Pension Administrator (QPA), Certified Pension Consultant (CPC), Tax-Exempt and Governmental Plan Consultant (TGPC), Enrolled Retirement Plan Agent (ERPA), a venerable designation that qualifies her to represent PenServ clients before the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for audits or examinations, and Board Certified Fiduciary™ (BCF™).

Susan has served on renowned committees at the IRS including the Advisory Committee on Tax Exempt and Government Entities (ACT), where she helped form the IRS 403(b) Liaison Group, which brings issues involving these plans to the IRS and provides support to employers and financial institutions working with 403(b) plans. Because of her expertise, Susan testifies before the IRS and the Department of Labor (DOL) on retirement plan regulatory issues and serves as chair of the National Tax-Deferred Savings Association (NTSA) Government Affairs Committee, and the Legislative Relations Committee of the American Society of Pension Professionals and Actuaries (ASPPA).

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