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Entrust Client Testimonials

I am very happy to do business with Entrust. Your company is the very best Self Directed IRA company that I’ve worked with. If there is a better IRA company out there, I haven’t found them, and I’ve worked with quite a few.

Gregory Hellyer, Client

I completed my first transaction with Entrust last week for a real estate purchase within my traditional IRA.

Because I am a new customer I approached this transaction with the greatest of trepidations. I imagined a long and difficult process and a race against the clock to complete the escrow within the 30-day deadline.

I was astonished at the quality and timeliness of support I received from Entrust. Veronica Alvizar and Kim Tran guided me every step of the way. At no time did I feel alone, they were always with me and demonstrated complete mastery of the transaction process. We accordingly completed the escrow in 14 days.

Please accept my most profound thanks and pass along my gratitude to Veronica and Kim. And consider me a long-term member of the Entrust family.

Kenneth P. Day, Client

I just want to take a moment to thank you all for your recent performance regarding several transactions I have requested. They run the gamut from a transfer from another custodian to the funding of an LLC to the sale of my holdings in the Hong Kong Trust. Your performance was so far above what I have come to expect (Keep in mind I had another account with another custodian until I got fed up with them) that I think it worthwhile to mention.

I will be sure to recommend The Entrust Group to anyone that asks.

Michael David Cress, Client

I want to comment on the professionalism that all The Entrust Group employees with whom I have dealt have displayed. My questions were answered quickly; checks are sent out promptly. Thank you!

Steve White, Client

I have just finished purchasing a second fourplex using my IRA funds. This could not have been done without the perseverance and professionalism of Irene Vann. Because this was such a challenging purchase, I want to especially commend Irene for a job well done. Not only did she go above and beyond the call of duty in the beginning to ensure that the offer was made; she also spent countless hours negotiating with a lender, calming panicking realtors, and meeting a challenging seller's demands. If I could ethically shower her with thank you gifts, I would...but the next best thing is to recommend her as highly as I can to you at Entrust.

Deana Guardado, Client

Entrust is experienced in IRA trust deed investments and can easily accommodate the complications of today's private money deals. I have the cell phone of my representative; however, the office staff is readily available.

Joanna Crawford, CPA

Entrust educated me about how to invest my qualified assets in powerful new ways. Since then I've diversified some of my assets away from traditional stocks and bonds. The result has been outsized gains with very efficient tax treatment.

Craig Primo, Client

You are my Wikipedia for my self-directed account, awesome, thanks!

B. Bishop, Client

I don't mind paying fees. Because of Entrust, I purchased a great house with my IRA and I am receiving monthly payments equaling about 9 percent return. Entrust has made my future more stable and predictable. Thanks Entrust.

John Hutchison, Client

I have been a long time client of The Entrust Group. They have been superb!

Steve Huntley, Client

I have been with Entrust for nearly 2 1/2 years and have been very impressed with the high level of service I have received. The real estate department has overseen 5 of my purchases. They all went smoothly and on time. [Entrust’s] account transfer department between institutions has accurately converted numerous conversions from my Traditional IRA’s to my Roth IRA. Their customer service, real estate department and transfer department is well trained in advising us on the delicate issues of staying in compliance with self administered IRA’s. Thank you for your guidance through this complex process.

B. Scott, Client

Real Estate deal done, tenant in, all good. Your process was painfully simple, thanks for that.

Jeff Zimmerman, Client

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