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11 Factors to Consider When Choosing Your IRA Company

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When choosing a self-directed IRA company to manage your retirement funds, make sure to review the following key factors to ensure your future is in the proper hands:





How timely are their communications? Do you receive responses to calls or emails?

Materials you receive or read online must assure you that the company does not sell products. If they do, this information must be fully disclosed in their materials. Unbiased self-directed IRA companies should not provide investment recommendation in any form.

What educational opportunities are provided to help you achieve your financial goals? Are they free? FDIC Are your funds FDIC-insured? What programs are in place to protect your undirected funds?

What’s their experience with self-directed IRAs? How long have they been in business? What is their experience with your investment of choice?

Do you understand the fees? Are they fully disclosed? Are you offered options that suit your needs?

How are they insured? What type and limit of coverage do they have?

Ask questions about credentials and history. Inability or refusal to answer may be a red flag.

How well educated are the people handling your account on self-directed IRAs? What professional designations do they hold?

Where’s the office? Take a visit or contact your state regulatory authorities to verify that operations are permitted.

Check with your state securities regulators for any negative history. Complete a background search of the principals. Do a Better Business Bureau search and look for resolved and unresolved complaints.

Do they provide a designated point of contact or an 800 call center? Are you treated with the respect you expect?

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