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3 Tax-Advantaged Plans For Small Business Owners

It takes sensibility and forward-thinking to run a successful small business. The same qualities are essential to plan and save for a comfortable retirement. Whether you're self-employed, with a staff of 1 or 100, Small Business Employer Plans offer two big incentives to encourage business owners to make retirement saving a priority: significant tax benefits and, if self-directed, the freedom to choose your own investments. Learn about the various tax-advantaged retirement savings plans available to small business owners and how to get started.
Watch this webinar recording presented by John Paul Ruiz, Director of Professional Development at The Entrust Group, as he discusses the following:
  • 3 strategic retirement plans for small business owners
  • Common misconceptions about retirement planning
  • Ways to encourage and educate your employees



Date: September 13, 2017
Duration: 63 min
Speaker: John Paul Ruiz, Director of Professional  Development at The Entrust Group

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