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About Entrust


For 40 years, The Entrust Group has provided account administration services for self-directed retirement and tax-advantaged plans. Entrust can assist you in purchasing alternative investments with your retirement funds, and administer the buying and selling of assets that are typically unavailable through banks and brokerage firms.


Case Study: How a Real Estate IRA Helped an Investor Increase Returns

Self-directed retirement accounts give you the freedom to diversify your retirement portfolio with investments you know and understand, such as real estate. Investing in real estate with your self-directed IRA isn't too different from a regular real estate purchase. However, there are important rules and processes that you must know and follow to do it right. This video uses a case study based on an Entrust client’s story, David Castle*, to demonstrate the process of investing in real estate with a self-directed IRA.

Watch this webinar presented by Bill Neville, Business Development Manager at Entrust and learn:
  • How to use a self-directed IRA to invest in real estate
  • How partnering funds to purchase a property works
  • How operating income and expenses for the real estate is handled


Date: April 12, 2017
Duration:  64 min
Speaker: Bill Neville, Business Development Manager

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