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Alternative Investments and Self-Directed IRAs: What You Should Know

Join Entrust Business Development Manager, Munzer Ghosheh, CISP, and special guest, Loren Heger, Vice President of FNEX, as they examine the landscape of the alternative investments market. They will discuss why investing in alternative assets is becoming increasingly popular, and why investors are choosing to include these investments in their retirement accounts.

This webinar presentation will cover:

  • Sources for alternative investments
  • The JOBS Act and crowdfunding
  • Challenges investors face with alternative investments
  • An introduction to self-directed IRAs
  • Benefits of investing in alternative investments with a self-directed IRA
  • Case studies



Date: January 8, 2014
Duration: 31min
Speaker(s): Munzer Ghosheh, Business Development Manager, The Entrust Group. Loren Heger, Vice President, FNEX.

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