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Your Real Estate Legacy: Self-Directed IRA Beneficiary Options

If you currently have a Real Estate IRA or looking to start one, it’s important to designate your IRA beneficiary with care. Your beneficiary, or beneficiaries, will have control over and access to your retirement account and assets in the event of your death. And most people aren’t aware that IRA beneficiary designations take precedence over what your will or living trust might say.

Learn how you can set up a long-lasting legacy. This webinar will include:

  • A quick overview of the process of investing in real estate with an IRA.
  • Why it’s important to designate a beneficiary and how to properly notify them.
  • How designating a beneficiary works.
  • What happens to your IRA in the case of divorce or death.
  • What you need to know and do if you are a beneficiary of an IRA account.

Date: November 11, 2014
Duration: 35 minutes.
Presenter: Munzer Ghosheh, Business Development Manager

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