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New Data Reveals Real Estate IRA Trends and Insights [2018 Report]

Now, more than ever, people are investing in real estate as a way to save for retirement. For 37 consecutive years, the number of The Entrust Group’s clients investing in real estate with their self-directed IRAs has grown consistently. Each year, The Entrust Group uncovers real estate investment trends and insights based on data from Entrust clients and respected organizations, such as National Association of REALTORS®. Watch this webinar presented by Bill Neville, Business Development Manager at The Entrust Group, as he discusses findings from our latest report such as:

  • The top states where investors sold and purchased property
  • Which states had the highest return on investments
  • How to invest in real estate with a Real Estate IRA



Date:  June 20, 2018
Duration: 73 Minutes
Speaker: Bill Neville, Business Development Manager at The Entrust Group

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