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About this event

date-calendar-thin  Wednesday, September 11th, 2019            clock-slim  11:00 AM PT /  2:00 PM ET


You have many options regarding the kind of retirement account you hold your real estate investments in, but there are some unique perks to holding them in a Roth IRA. 

Our speaker, John Paul Ruiz, The Entrust Group’s Director of Professional Development, will discuss strategies investors use to invest in real estate with a Roth IRA. He’ll also answer any questions you have regarding the intersection between Roth IRAs and real estate investments during our Q&A session.

Join us and discover:

  • The characteristics of the Roth IRA
  • The advantages of the Roth IRA
  • The potential benefits to your real estate investments

Tune into the webinar on September 11th at 11am PST/2pm EST to learn more.

About the presenters


John Paul Ruiz

Business Development Manager

Before joining Entrust, he served as Vice President of Professional Development for Integrated Retirement Initiatives, LLC and Director of Resource Development at ASCENSUS. Ruiz is the creator of the IRA Academy, a preparatory course for the CISP designation exam approved by the American Bankers Association. The IRA Academy is a week-long training program available for all financial institutions in the retirement space. With his background on retirement plan education, he is responsible for The Entrust Group’s on-going internal retirement plans training program.

He is a featured speaker at numerous events and webinars educating not only retirement professionals but also retirement plan investors. To complement his extensive career within the retirement and financial industries, John Paul holds QKA and CISP certifications. He provides the company with expertise in retirement plan tax law, retirement plan operations, IRS rules and regulations, and institutional relationships. 


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