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7 Essential Tips for Taking Distributions From Your Self-Directed IRA

The Entrust Group

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If you’re approaching the age of 59, you will soon be eligible to begin taking distributions from your self-directed IRA without being subject to an early distribution penalty. And if you’re about to turn 70½, it won’t be long until you must take Required Minimum Distributions from your Traditional IRA. As with many things that involve the IRS, there are nuances and special conditions that affect what you should do and how much you should withdraw.


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You Asked, We Answered: How to Save Money and Time on Your Entrust Account

The Entrust Group

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Entrust recently held an exclusive webinar for its clients in efforts to educate them about our money and time saving product: The Entrust Group myDirection Visa® Prepaid Card. During the webinar, we collected questions asked by attendees who were interested in saving time and money on their Entrust account.  These questions range anywhere from using the card for reaccuring expenses on investment properties, to buying stocks with the card. Continue reading to learn more:

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5 Reasons Why Real Estate Investing is Simpler with the myDirection Prepaid Visa® Card

The Entrust Group

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Who needs another piece of plastic in their wallet? You do, if you own and manage real estate using a self-directed Real Estate IRA. Our innovative Entrust myDirection Prepaid Visa® Card gives investors an easy, fast, convenient, and cost-effective way to pay for one-time or repeat expenses.   

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Case Study: Transactions Simplified for Real Estate Investors

The Entrust Group

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After talking with her real estate agent, Bob Realtor, about the tax advantages of owning real estate in an IRA, Maria bought a condo using her self-directed Entrust IRA for the all-cash purchase. She worked closely with Bob and the professional staff at Entrust throughout the funding, offer, purchase, and escrow processes. Read more about Maria’s purchase process here.

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How to Manage Your Real Estate Investments Without The Hassle

The Entrust Group

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In many markets, real estate has bounced back from the dark days of the 2008 financial crisis. People who buy real estate using their tax-advantaged retirement accounts are contributing to that market rebound. According to RealtyTrac®, foreclosures were down 4% from 2015 levels in January, and home sales were up 27% over December. Nationwide, median sale prices are edging back up, and in some urban markets properties regularly sell for over the asking price. 

Topics: Real Estate, Alternative IRA Investments, myDirection Card, Private Placements/LLCs
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