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People have been investing in natural resources for decades — and you can do it, too, with your self-directed IRA. When exploring production and development companies, make sure you're doing your due diligence.

Greening Your IRA

You can earn an attractive return while putting your retirement funds toward fresher air, cleaner water, a healthier environment, and a greener planet!

Use your IRA to help the Earth.

As concerns about global warming, pollution, and dwindling energy sources grow, individuals, companies, and governments are striving to minimize our impact on the environment. Investing in renewable energy sources wisely can enable you to protect our ecosystem and protect your financial future.

Explore your investment opportunities with Entrust's Green IRA. You can invest in:

  • Solar energy
  • Biofuel
  • Water power
  • Wind energy
  • Eco-friendly stocks and bonds
  • Energy-efficient housing


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