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For 40 years, The Entrust Group has provided account administration services for self-directed retirement and tax-advantaged plans. Entrust can assist you in purchasing alternative investments with your retirement funds, and administer the buying and selling of assets that are typically unavailable through banks and brokerage firms.

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Expanding Your IRA Investment Strategy With An Expert Roundtable


Looking for new IRA investing ideas? We got you covered with a roundtable of alternative asset experts. In this replay, join the discussion on today's market trends and new investing strategies. 

Take a seat to learn from alternatives experts as they discuss:

  • Top Trends for Alternative Assets in 2024: Real Estate, Metals and Private Equity
  • The Role of New Technology in Alternative Assets
  • What You Should Know About Finding Investments
  • Minimizing Risk and Avoiding Scams With Due Diligence 

Date: April 4, 2024
Duration: 1 hour 12 minutes (including 14-minute Q&A starting at 58:29)
     -     Rachel Stolrow - Business Development Manager at The Entrust Group
     -     Matt Blackwell - Investor Relations at Reliant Real Estate 
     -     Whitney Elkins-Hutten - Director of Investor Education at PassiveInvesting.com
     -     Louis O'Connor - Founder and Principal at Strategic Metals Invest

Presentation Deck: View or download the presentation slides here
Presentation Audio: Stream or download the mp3 here
Roundtable Topics of Conversation:
Section 1
: Which trends are driving your industry this year?
       • Starts: 3:35
       • Ends: 8:16
Section 2: How are macroeconomics affecting your industry?
       • Starts: 9:36
       • Ends: 15:27
Section 3: How does your understanding of market cycles help prepare you to succeed in times of market
                      prosperity and turmoil?
       Starts: 15:30
       • Ends: 22:32
Section 4: Which technology is moving markets in your industry?
       • Starts: 22:37
       • Ends: 27:37
Section 5: Which data do you look for to research markets and find investment opportunities?
       • Starts: 28:55
       • Ends: 34:26
Section 6: How can you analyze this information to identify market insights? 
       Starts: 34:33
       • Ends: 38:51

Section 7: Where do you find this information?
       • Starts: 38:57
       • Ends: 43:15
Section 8: Which methods are being used in scam attempts?
       • Starts: 43:21
       • Ends: 49:41
Section 9: What are the top warning signs to beware?
       Starts: 50:34
       • Ends: 56:36
Section 10: Q&A Time
       Starts: 58:29
       • Ends: 1:12:12

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