Help your clients invest in real estate with their retirement savings

Americans have more than $7 trillion in their individual retirement accounts. The investments in those accounts may be underperforming, or your clients may be interested in diversifying their retirement portfolio with real estate. With the tightening of lending practices, self-directed IRAs are a great source for funding transactions. Smart real estate professionals understand the advantages of self-directed retirement plans. In fact, real estate is the #1 investment in self-directed IRAs.


Are you a Real Estate Agent?

How would you like to have something new to talk about with your clients, help them save for retirement, and position yourself as their trusted resource? Show your clients how they can invest in all forms of real estate and related assets with a self-directed IRA or ‘Real Estate IRA’.

Self-directed IRAs give account holders more freedom, flexibility, and choice of how to invest their hard-saved dollars. They can expand and diversify their investment opportunities beyond the stock market, potentially get higher return and grow their retirement funds tax deferred or tax-free (depending on the type of account your clients hold).

With your help, your clients can invest in residential, commercial, vacant land, single-family properties, apartment condos, and other real estate-related assets.

When you incorporate the Real Estate IRA into your sales strategy, you can become an even more knowledgeable resource for clients who already trust you.

Who else would they choose to represent them in buying property for their self-directed IRA? Your client database is a gold mine of information. You know almost as much about your clients’ finances as they do. But they may not know about the advantages of investing their IRAs in real estate.

Having that conversation and exploring real estate investment strategies is a great way to reconnect with clients who may not be ready to buy or sell their house, but might benefit from buying an investment property in an IRA to boost their retirement savings. 

Mastering the opportunities in Real Estate IRAs can help you:

  • Sell more properties
  • Generate more referrals, leads, and repeat business
  • Stand out from the competition
  • Become a valuable resource for your clients

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