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Smart Investing With AI: Grow & Protect IRA Wealth

Algorithmic Intelligence, commonly called AI, is a powerful technology disrupting the investment landscape. With superhuman ability to analyze market trends and data sets, AI has empowered all investors (not just Wall Street) to preserve, protect and grow their IRA wealth.

Before leveraging this technology with an IRA, you must understand how AI functions, automates investments, and optimizes your funds. Since we aren’t programmers or machine learning experts, AI maestro and iFlip CEO, Randy Tate, came in to demystify AI for us.

In this replay, Mindy Gayer, Business Development Manager at The Entrust Group, met with Randy to discuss:

  • How AI works
  • How AI is used in financial services and the investment world
  • How individuals use AI to grow their wealth
  • Pros and cons of AI investing


Smart Investing With AI_ Grow & Protect Your IRA Wealth

Date: October 14th, 2020
Duration: 58 Minutes
 - Mindy Gayer: Business Development Manager at The Entrust Group
 - Randy Tate: CEO at iFlip Investors

Presentation Deck: View or download the PDF here

Presentation Audio: Stream or download the mp3 here

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