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Jason Dukes– Captain Chair Coaching

Jason Dukes– Captain Chair Coaching

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Self-directed IRAs: Don’t Fall in Love on the Rebound!

Jason Dukes– Captain Chair Coaching

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Like a spurned lover, investors are becoming disenchanted with the stock market.  The ups and downs of a once placid relationship has become too much to handle.  They want to fall in love again with a more stable partner.  A self-directed IRA seems like a good bet.  But is it?  Will you regret the relationship down the road?

Topics: Basics of Self-Directed IRAs, Alternative IRA Investments, Self-Directed IRA Plans
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Have You Considered a Self-Directed IRA?

Jason Dukes– Captain Chair Coaching

Have you been considering self-directed investments in your IRA? Do you feel stuck? Are you in the pattern of thinking about it, doing all the research, and then doing nothing about it? If so, it’s probably because you have some preconceived notions, both conscious and subconscious that are holding you in place, and ultimately limiting your ability to use a self-directed IRA as a way to diversify your portfolio and gain greater control by investing in what you know and understand.

Topics: Basics of Self-Directed IRAs
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