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Pamela Hughes

Pamela Hughes

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Are You Ready to Invest in Real Estate in Your IRA?

Pamela Hughes

Every asset class has its heyday. Many believe that real estate is in the midst of one today. Inventories of new stock have been significantly lower recently, with about 1 million fewer annual units being produced compared to the past 30 years. Interest rates are at 40 year lows. Rents on single family properties have risen and pricing in some markets is depressed below the cost of building right now. These facts make buying comparably more affordable than renting today than in any other time in recent history. It also makes being a landlord a more attractive option than in previous years to serve the growing needs of those who are not buying. In fact, some predict that the opportunity to enjoy positive and growing cash flows on real estate is likely to continue for the next decade as renter demand increases. Owning rental property may also be an ideal investment for your IRA.

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