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Jilliene Helman

Jilliene Helman

Jilliene Helman is the Founder and CEO of Realty Mogul. Previously, she was a Vice President at Union Bank working in Wealth Management, Finance and Risk Management. Jilliene is a Certified Wealth Strategist, holds a Series 63 and earned a degree in Business Administration from Georgetown University.

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New Opportunities in Real Estate Investments Via Crowdfunding and Self-Directed IRAs

Jilliene Helman

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At its core, crowdfunding is the collective effort of individuals to pool their money together to support any investment, activity, or cause.  Although, by definition, crowdfunding is not a new phenomenon, what is distinguished in the current market is the ability to crowdfund for real estate. 


Topics: Real Estate, Alternative IRA Investments, Private Placements/LLCs
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