February 5, 2014 -- The Entrust Group, Inc., the pioneer and an acknowledged authority in self-direction, announced today it will be offering complimentary self-directed IRA transfers and rollovers through April 15, 2014. Individuals looking to maximize their retirement funds or diversify their retirement portfolio through alternative investments can move their existing retirement plan to an Entrust self-directed IRA for free.

"We offered complimentary transfers and rollovers in early 2013 and saw a lot of interest from individuals wanting to move their retirement accounts," says Hubert Bromma, founder and CEO of The Entrust Group. "There are two major reasons why individuals want to leave their current financial institution. First, more and more individuals are learning about self-directed IRAs and the ability to expand their investment options beyond stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. "

"Second, individuals are unhappy with the service they are receiving from their current financial institution. The Entrust Group was built on a foundation of providing personal, professional services and education to its clients. For over 30 years, we've continued to excel at providing our clients with one-on-one service and support."

Self-directed IRAs have been permitted since 1975 as part of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA). Over time, self-directed IRAs have become more recognized and accepted as a portfolio diversification strategy because investors can purchase a wide variety of assets, the most popular being real estate, private placements, and precious metals. The Entrust Group offers individuals greater flexibility in the number of investment choices allowed within their retirement accounts. Instead of being limited by a list of stocks, bonds, and CDs, The Entrust Group allows its clients the freedom to control their own retirement investments.

More information about The Entrust Group's complimentary transfer and rollover promotion is available at www.theentrustgroup.com/promo/2.