June 6, 2018 – Americans investing in real estate to bolster and diversify their self-directed retirement savings accounts with The Entrust Group focused on single and multi-family and commercial property in 2017. Return on investment remained strong, especially in the Midwest and South.

In 2017, investors who used real estate to diversify their retirement portfolios entered new markets to purchase single and multi-family and commercial properties. Those are just two of the trends explored in The Entrust Group’s 2018 Real Estate Investor Market Research Report.

“While clients in the West have a long history of investing in real estate, we are seeing upticks in the purchase of real estate in the Midwest and South,” says Irene Vann, Real Estate Manager at The Entrust Group. “More people are becoming aware of the value of investing in what you know, in markets that are familiar to you.”

Sales figures point up the regional differences. The average return on investment in Florida was 58%; in Georgia, 41%. In California, ROI dipped to 23%.

The report gives investors, financial and retirement advisors, and real estate professionals an overview of the market and insights into strategies used by many investors. It offers real estate brokers and financial advisors information about self-directed retirement savings accounts that can set them apart in the marketplace. Investors will benefit from the statistics on the types of property, the prices, and the types of IRAs used to invest in real estate as they consider their own retirement investment strategies.

Download the 2018 Real Estate Investor Market Research Report here.


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