An Affordable and Convenient Way for Self-Directed IRA Investors to Diversify their Portfolios

October 7, 2013 – The Entrust Group today announced The Entrust Group myDirection Visa® Prepaid Card, an innovative way for self-directed IRA investors to manage their accounts and make investment purchases in real time. Self-directed IRA investors now have more freedom than ever to invest when and where they want, all with a simple swipe of the card.

The Entrust Group has launched The Entrust Group myDirection Card in an effort to meet the needs of today’s tech savvy and prompt investors. Particularly as online investing increases, investors are seeking the ability to perform instant transactions, and to take advantage of timely investments within their self-directed IRAs. In addition to providing modern investors with a tool to make quick and convenient transactions, The Entrust Group myDirection Card makes it easier for self-directed IRA owners to watch their investments and retirement funds grow on a tax-deferred or tax-free basis.

Unlike The Entrust Group’s IRA Debit Card, released in 2008, The Entrust Group myDirection Card comes with lower fees, higher limits, and 24-hour account access. One major improvement is that card holders will have access to an online portal to manage their accounts. The portal will help eliminate paperwork by providing account owners the ability to submit transaction details online. Account owners have 30 calendar days, following a transaction, to submit the proper documentation to show that expenditures on the card were for an IRA-related asset. In addition, the portal provides automatic alerts to remind self-directed IRA investors when transactions need to be verified.

“The Entrust Group myDirection Card is our second generation of debit and stored value cards. This card places Entrust account owners in a position to purchase IRA assets at their own convenience,” states Hubert Bromma, founder and CEO of The Entrust Group. “The Entrust Group myDirection Card makes it faster and easier for self-directed IRA owners to perform essential IRA related transactions, such as buying property at an auction, purchasing investments online, completing payments for tax liens; the list goes on and the opportunities are endless. I’ve used The Entrust Group myDirection Card, myself, and it works beautifully!”

The Entrust Group myDirection Card highlights:

  • Set-up fee of only $25.00
  • Low $3.00 monthly maintenance fee
  • No check request fees
  • Ability to automatically add funds to the card
  • Convenient support, 24/7
  • Online account access, 24/7


Transaction examples:

  • Online purchases
  • Earnest money deposits
  • Labor/contractor services
  • Tax liens
  • Secured and unsecured promissory notes


For more details about The Entrust Group myDirection Card, visit