This step-by-step guide written by Hubert Bromma, founder and CEO of The Entrust Group, assists self-employed, small business owners in establishing and maintaining an Individual(k) retirement plan.

December 5, 2012 – In an effort to educate small business owners on the importance of creating a retirement plan, author and self-directed IRA pioneer, Hubert Bromma, has released a step-by-step guide to help self-employed individuals set up their own qualified retirement account. “401(k) Your Way” provides individuals with the ins and outs of establishing an Individual(k) plan, discusses the many tax benefits it can offer to both employers and employees, and examines how one can self-direct funds in a wide variety of assets. This eBook is now available via download on The Entrust Group’s website at:

“The latest version of ‘401(k) Your Way,’ in electronic form, is a successor to our original Keogh book published in 1981. This version is abridged to less than 30 pages and acts as a great reference tool,” states Bromma. “Self-employed business owners need retirement plans, too. Anyone interested in establishing an Individual(k) will be joining thousands of existing clients who see the benefit of creating and establishing a solid plan with The Entrust Group.”

Knowing that small business owners are worried about keeping their business afloat in today’s economy, this eBook aims to remind entrepreneurs how important it is to have long term financial goals.  It serves as an aid in making the process of establishing a retirement plan less consuming and less complex.

“401(k) Your Way” includes chapters on:

  • Determining if an Individual(k) plan is the right fit
  • Setting up a plan
  • Opening an account
  • Contributions and deductions
  • Alternative investments allowed in an Individual(k) plan
  • Borrowing from an Individual(k) plan
  • Distributions
  • Tax reporting

The deadline for establishing an Individual(k) plan for 2012 is December 31. For more information on this tax-saving option for self-employed individuals, visit The Entrust Group’s website to download the eBook:

About Hubert Bromma

Hubert Bromma is a well-recognized expert and author on the diversification of assets in tax-free and tax-deferred environments. Since 1967, Mr. Bromma has had a distinguished career in banking, financial institution consulting, mergers and acquisitions, and real estate investing. In 1981, Mr. Bromma developed the first truly self-directed IRA for a number of banks. In 1993, he consolidated a banking and pension management practice that he had owned since 1981 into Entrust, and began to build what is now the only national network of local branded offices providing expert account administration and education services for self-directed retirement plans.