In preparation for a tax season rush, The Entrust Group will waive fees for anyone transferring or rolling over retirement funds into a self-directed IRA.

March 16, 2013 - With April 15th just around the corner, financially savvy individuals are making the moves necessary to ensure maximum savings before the tax deadline. With national news reports showing a retirement crisis ahead, many are using this opportunity to establish a self-directed IRA, which allows account owners the option to optimize their tax deductions and diversify their portfolios with alternative investments. Recognizing the market’s need for swift economic solutions, The Entrust Group is offering to establish self-directed IRA accounts at no cost for those who are transferring or rolling over funds and assets.

401(k)s Yield High Fees

Last year, new Labor Department regulations were put into effect, requiring 401(k) sponsors to provide regular statements to plan participants. These statements include the fees charged to their accounts, as well as the returns received.

With account fees outlined directly next to the account’s returns, some are finding that the cost of maintaining their 401(k) plans is not worth the value they are receiving in return. In many cases, these people benefit from transferring or rolling over their 401(k) funds into a self-directed IRA.

“Many people have abandoned their 401(k) plans after being consumed by burdensome fees,” notes Hubert Bromma, founder and CEO of The Entrust Group. “Account owners prefer our transparent fee schedule and the ability to choose their investments. We help many individuals take control of their retirement portfolio, from those unhappy with fees or non-performing assets to those who are simply unsatisfied with their current administrators.”

To further help those looking to take control of their futures through self-direction, The Entrust Group is offering a complimentary self-directed IRA account to anyone transferring or rolling over funds from a previous account. This promotion will be available March 1 – April 15, 2013.

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Self-Directed Retirement Accounts

Self-directed IRAs have become increasingly popular due to the various advantages they offer. An Entrust IRA offers the following benefits:

  • Access to alternative investments, such as real estate and gold
  • Transparent fees
  • Deductible contributions (dependent on eligibility)
  • Tax-deferred earnings on investments
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To learn more about transferring or rolling over your account funds at no cost before April 15, 2013, or to view the rules and regulations associated with this promotion, please visit