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A Diversification Strategy: Private Placements in Your IRA

Looking to diversify your retirement portfolio? "Private Placements" is a term that refers to investing in privately-held entities, such as companies or small businesses. Banks have recently tightened their purse strings when it comes to lending to these entities, creating a higher demand for development capital from investors.
Investing in Private Placements using self-directed IRA assets can be a simpler and faster process than acquiring a loan with institutional lenders. For self-directed IRA owners, this type of lending has the potential to bring higher returns than traditional investments such as the stock market or CDs.  Also, note that with potential for higher returns comes higher risks. 
Watch this webinar recording presented by Jeremy Ransom, Business Development Manager at Entrust, and learn:
• What are some private placement investment options
• What to consider when investing in private placements
• How to invest in private placements with a self-directed IRA



Date: December 14, 2016
Duration: 15min
Speaker: Jeremy Ransom, Business Development Manager

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