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Pros and Cons of Leveraging Your IRA With Non-Recourse Loans

You do not need to have the full cash amount in order to invest in real estate with retirement dollars. If you have a small IRA, there are a few paths you can follow. One of them is using non-recourse loans. While this sounds great to a lot of investors, there are some rules to understand before using non-recourse loans which we will discuss during this webinar.
Watch this webinar recording presented by Patrick Hagen, Regional Business Development Manager at Entrust, and learn:

  • The difference between a non-recourse loan and a conventional loan
  • How non-recourse loans work
  • The pros and cons of using non-recourse loans in your retirement strategy


Date: September 14, 2016
Duration: 29 min
Speaker: Patrick Hagen, CISP

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